About New Soul Fitness

we go way back

Honestly, we just like using our skills to help make the world a better place. It’s fulfilling and we are bone tired of fucking around, because we are like you:

  • Tired of being lied to by organizations meant to protect us (watch What The Health)
  • Tired of ridiculous health fads and ‘magic pill’ thinking pushed on us by the media and sponsored fitness athletes
  • Tired of watching our friends, family, and society fall apart from preventable health dis-ease (type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, insomnia, mental health disorders, etc., etc.)
  • Tired of feeling stressed AND tired all the time (horrible combo)

So we dreamed of something different and brainstormed our balls off since 2011. First in Honolulu, embracing hikes, ocean swims, and local earthful eating. Then in California, building an outdoor gym, going cardio crazy, getting serious about nutrition for health, and becoming more zen through restorative yoga, steady meditation, and lots of nature time. But health & wellness is complex and we had more to discover.

The missing piece: physical self-rehab.

Most recently in Colorado, our vision bore fruit (organic fruit obviously ) as we began taking our own health and wellness habits most seriously, and listening to the unique needs of our clients, we brought our movement medicine to the people.

Turns out, learning to heal ourselves has made us very useful to everyone we encounter.

So hit us up! We’ll coach you to a place of mobility and vitality you haven’t experienced for decades…or ever. With us you will learn how to eat, how to heal, and how to love yourself, because your body is a gift and it’s time to give thanks.

Results guaranteed.

dumbbell jump squats are basically as mean and unforgiving as the old testament god, but boy do they work!!